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Placement Tests


Students are often required to take a placement test to determine which math course they should take. There is a relationship between a student’s placement score and the grade that student will receive in the class.


How are these placement scores determined?


Here is a table of the data for a section of MAT 171. In the table x is the placement score and y is the final 171 average.


x 61 40 19 25 61 48 38 56 33 55 85 25 15 83
y 63 80 36 61 89 81 66 76 70 94 92 73 55 86


Here is a chart of the data along with the line of best fit.

Chart of Data

Using the linear regression equation we can determine “cut-off” scores for the placement test. For instance, if we want to know what placement score will result in a final grade of C, we use 70 as final average in the regression equation.


So, a student making at least 40 on this placement test can expect to make at least a C in MAT 171.




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