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Next Steps


Ending class should be a time to summarize the class’ most important ideas. It is also a time to get feedback from students  about what they understood best and what they are still unclear about. Getting students to verbalize the class ideas in their own words is very helpful for them to internalize new ideas. The instructor could ask several students to explain what Direct variation, Inverse variation, and Joint variation are and give an example of each. Another idea could be to have students explain what information is needed and how it could be used to model a relationship between quantities that vary together. Another option would be to have students write a “minute paper” answering these two questions before leaving class. The responses to the minute papers could be used to review the topics at the start of the next class.


In summary, using interesting applications and manipulatives can make teaching and learning fun. It also provides the learner with a real context to help remember and retain the information being presented. Having students use manipulatives keeps them active in their learning, which also increases their ability to remember the material.


Now put this information into practice. Consider two lessons that you plan to present in the near future. For one of them, find an interesting real world application that you can use to motivate the topic. For the other lesson, find a manipulative that you can use to introduce the concept to be learned. Remember to also keep your students active in their learning. Good luck!






















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