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Project Report Guidelines


Outline for a Project Write-up


Typed report with a cover page. Paragraph style using complete sentences as if you were turning in an English paper. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, organization, analysis, and adequate detail will be evaluated as well as the mathematics involved.


Excel tables, graphs, and calculations should be incorporated into the paper not attached to the end.


First paragraph of the paper is the introduction. List who was in the group, describe the experiment, how your data was collected, and the tools used. Give as much detail as needed to describe your project for those who do not know what you were doing.


The body of the paper is the analysis portion. It should be at least two paragraphs long and describe your teams’ processes. It should include an Excel generated list and graph of your data, a description of the independent and dependent variables, a description of a reasonable domain and range, a discussion of the model you found including the correlation coefficient, a graph of the data created in Excel, and any other function related topics that are in the project description. It should include answers to any questions asked in the project description. All projects require you to make predictions based on your model. Show the calculations used to arrive at your predictions and discuss whether or not they are realistic. Be sure to discuss anything that may have affected your experiment or data collection.


The last paragraph is the conclusion. It should summarize your project. Include any discoveries and comparisons made in the project.


PROJECT EVALUATIONS  Your  name: ________________________________


Project:____________________________________         Date:_________________


Our group met ___ times and I met with them ____ times.


We used email and phone calls effectively:  yes ____   no_____


1.  List all the other students’ names in your group on the lines noted below.


2.  After listing the names, circle the letter which YOU think best reflects the participation of each member in the group in both the data collection and the write-up.


H:  This person did A LOT of work…equal to or more than anyone else in the group.

M:  This person did their fair share of work.

L1:  This person did less than their fair share of work.

L2:  This person did no work.


Group Members

Participation in Data Collection

Participation in  Project Write-Up


H   M   L1   L2

H   M   L1   L2


H   M   L1   L2

H   M   L1   L2


H   M   L1   L2

H   M   L1   L2


H   M   L1   L2

H   M   L1   L2




Sometimes, these ratings do not capture all the information students wish to let me know about their groups.  Please use the space below if you need to add any clarifying comments either about your own participation or about the participation of the others:


Provide general comments about this project, and its usefulness as a learning opportunity.



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