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General Outreach Kit

PDF File: BCDP_overview_v6_final.pdf


Purpose:  This presentation provides your audience with an overview of the purpose and content of Beyond Crossroads.

Audience:  The presentation could be used most typically at an AMATYC affiliate conference, business meeting or board meeting.  If desired, a presenter could focus on one of the five implementation standards of Beyond Crossroads at a conference session, department or general mathematics faculty meeting, using that particular chapter as a guide.


  • A computer with Adobe PDF Readerand if possible with Internet access, or, if not available, you should print the slides onto overhead transparencies and use an overhead projector.  To see the slides full screen, select View / Full Screen.
  • A copy of the 1995 document, Crossroads, if available, for the presenter. (To obtain, contact AMATYC)  
  • A copy of Beyond Crossroads for the presenter


For each person in your audience you should have

  • A copy of Beyond Crossroads or at least the Executive Summary
  • Handouts of the PDF presentation


Before making this presentation, you should familiarize yourself both with Crossroads if possible, and be very familiar with Beyond Crossroads, and also with the electronic products that accompany the document, available on the web page of AMATYC   www.amatyc.org


Additional Notes:  As in any presentation, it is helpful to test the equipment, distribute handouts before the presentation, welcome attendees, give an overview of the presentation, solicit and respond to questions from the audience, and thank the audience.  It is also a good idea to have someone take notes on the discussion, and then distribute the notes (post on a web site, for example) to all who attended.  Your presentation should allow for as much interaction and discussion as possible.  Your audience should be as engaged as your students!




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