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Each individual listed on pages 86–88 played an important role in the planning, development, and writing
of the document. The work of the Project Directors and Planning Team began the process of revisiting
Crossroads in Mathematics. The National Advisory Committee provided direction to the Writing
Team to build upon and extend the excellent work of the 1995 standards. The tremendous expertise and
tireless devotion of Project Editor Richelle Blair are of particular note. Her mantra to “Trust the Process”
was a constant encouragement to all involved throughout the years of the project. The Writing Team
Chairs with their cadre of Section and Contributing writers worked tirelessly to capture the key issues
suggested by AMATYC members and other stakeholders and to identify the relevant research documents
that are the foundation of the positions presented. Sincere thanks are extended to all who reviewed the
document at various stages.

A special thank-you goes to the Association Review Groups (ARGs) of AMATYC and the American
Mathematical Society Committee on Education, the American Statistical Association/AMATYC Joint
Committee on Statistics, the Mathematical Association of America, the National Association for
Developmental Education, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and careful readers
Susan Ganter, Carole Lacampagne, Joan Leitzel, Harriet Pollatsek, Linda Rosen, Lynn Steen, and
Elizabeth Teles. Thanks also to David Lutzer and Stephen Rodi for sharing the 2005 CBMS survey data
before publication of the final document.

The continuing support of three AMATYC Executive Boards (2001–03: President Philip H. Mahler;
2003–05: President Judy E. Ackerman; 2005–07: President Kathy Mowers), is gratefully acknowledged.
The assistance of the AMATYC office staff (Cheryl Cleaves, Executive Director of Office Operations;
Beverly Vance, Office Director; Christy Hunsucker, Accounting Director; Christine Shott, Publications
Director; and Shinder Blunt, Secretary) was invaluable and is greatly appreciated.


Susan S. Wood
Project Director
Virginia Community College System (VA)

Sadie C. Bragg
Co-Project Director
Borough of Manhattan Community College (NY)

Philip H. Mahler
Co-Project Director
Middlesex Community College (MA)






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